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Public Attributes

EState Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

UInt32 * arr1
UInt32 * arr2
UInt32 avail_in_expect
UChar * block
UInt32 blockCRC
Int32 blockNo
Int32 blockSize100k
UInt32 bsBuff
Int32 bsLive
UInt32 combinedCRC
UInt32 * ftab
Bool inUse [256]
UInt32 len_pack [BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE][4]
Int32 mode
Int32 mtfFreq [BZ_MAX_ALPHA_SIZE]
UInt16 * mtfv
Int32 nblock
Int32 nblockMAX
Int32 nInUse
Int32 nMTF
Int32 numZ
Int32 origPtr
UInt32 * ptr
UChar selector [BZ_MAX_SELECTORS]
UChar selectorMtf [BZ_MAX_SELECTORS]
Int32 state
UInt32 state_in_ch
Int32 state_in_len
Int32 state_out_pos
UChar unseqToSeq [256]
Int32 verbosity
Int32 workFactor
UChar * zbits

Detailed Description

Definition at line 196 of file bzlib_private.h.

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